Achieving Privacy With Plants and a Wrought Iron Fence in Riverside

A wrought Iron Fence in Riverside can serve as a privacy fence if the property owners plant vines to grow over it to block any views. The home’s residents have peace of mind with their newly found sense of privacy in their backyard and on their patio. The structures come in a wide variety of styles so that everyone will find something they truly like.

Shielding With Plants

An Iron Fence in Riverside can also be shielded with shrubbery, such as arborvitae allowed to grow about 6 ft. tall. The bushes could be planted on either side, depending on the effect the property owner wants to achieve. The shrubs on their own would provide a good deal of privacy, but the iron fencing adds security by preventing anyone from getting into the yard.

Advantages of Iron

These fences have numerous advantages over other materials. They are very strong and durable. They last a long time. Their beauty and elegance make iron fencing an ideal choice for property owners wanting to enhance the look of their home.


Iron can be vulnerable to rust, so some maintenance is required. The owners should check the fence occasionally and touch up the paint as needed. Problems tend to occur along the bottom if the soil or grass stays moist for a long time. In this kind of climate, these issues are not as prevalent as would be the case in a region without this kind of arid environment.


The main disadvantage of wrought iron is the price. It costs more than vinyl or wood for the same size property. Some homeowners opt for an aluminum fence designed to look like iron, but others know this simply isn’t the same and are unwilling to compromise.

By calling a contractor such as Mesa Fence Company, the homeowners can find out about different products available and the pricing. The installation cost is lowest for flat land and higher when the terrain has a significant slope. Iron has the advantage over other types of fencing in looking very natural on a slope because of the installation method.

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