Acquiring Long Lasting Debt Relief With Your Bankruptcy Attorney In Lawrence, KS

A Bankruptcy Attorney in Lawrence, KS performs a wealth of services for consumers. This attorney presents options to secure a fast debt-relief solution to prevent harassing collection calls and garnishments. The most common bankruptcy solution is reorganization. This selection allows you to include all debts into one claim. Your selected attorney provides you with clarity throughout this process to establish that you understand what is expected of you once the bankruptcy claim is accepted. To further your education of bankruptcy proceedings, contact Joseph I. Wittman, Attorney at Law.

Long Lasting Debt Relief

You can achieve long lasting debt relief through a bankruptcy claim and credit counseling. These services are provided by a bankruptcy attorney. Your selected attorney advises you of effective methods for reorganization which will enable you to pay your incurred debt over time without late charges and additional fees. Once your bankruptcy is completed, your attorney provides effective credit counseling to help you re-establish your credit.

Local Bankruptcy Attorneys

Lewis Adams and Associates are advocates of consumers who are facing an intimidating amount of debt with no end in sight. These attorney present clients with the skills necessary to submit a successful bankruptcy claim. Through diligence and effective negotiation skills these attorney could lower your overall debt amount before your claim is concluded. By submitting a claim you have the opportunity to seek long lasting debt-relief. To schedule a consultation with an attorney contact Joseph I. Wittman, Attorney at Law.


You can seek long lasting debt relief through a bankruptcy attorney in Lawrence, KS. The attorney submits a claim for you that includes all of your debts. A judge reviews this claim to establish debts are eligible for discharge and will present you with a final solution for your debts. However, your creditors have the option to attend your hearing to state whether or not they want their account included within this claim. All debts that are included are reorganized into one monthly payment which you will pay until all debts are selected. For further details contact Joseph I. Wittman, Attorney at Law.

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