Advantages of Two Single Stalls and Double Doors for Residential Garage Doors in Huntington WV

Two single-stall Residential Garage Doors in Huntington WV would appear to have distinct advantages over double doors. Why, then, do so many garages have double doors instead of single stalls?

Advantages of Single Stalls

A garage that faces the street looks more attractive when it has two doors instead of one large one, especially in an attached garage. That’s a consensus from home designers and architects. Otherwise, a large imposing door takes up a large amount of the home’s exterior.

If the opening apparatus malfunctions, it’s better to have single Residential Garage Doors in Huntington WV. One side will still be functional and it will be possible to get one of the cars out.

Having two doors installed by a company such as Garage Door Operators Inc. allows somebody to work on projects in the garage with one of the doors open, allowing for some ventilation and natural light along with some privacy.

Single stalls also are more effective at blocking wind and debris blowing into the garage since only one has to be open to allow a vehicle in or out. The temperature change from outside to the garage interior when one door is open briefly also is not as dramatic when the weather is extreme. That’s a point to consider for an attached garage.

Advantages of Double Doors

One reason home building contractors opt for double doors is the lower expense. That wall area between single stalls costs more than one open space, and there also is an additional cost for the hardware and automatic openers connected to two separate doors instead of one.

If the single door stalls are not wide enough, it can be difficult to back a vehicle into the garage. A pickup truck with large side mirrors can be difficult to back in or out without being extremely careful.

The double door is convenient for people who want to sometimes park a vehicle in the middle of the garage and have the doors open, such as for thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning the interior. This design also allows people to park a car at an angle and do mechanical work on it.

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