Advantages of Unilock Pavers in Hartford CT

Unilock Pavers in Harford CT are made by a leading manufacturer to be stronger than concrete, last a lifetime, and provide a wide range of colors and textures. These pavers can be used for walls, patios, seating, fireplaces, driveways, walkways, and even outdoor kitchens. Several proprietary technologies are used to create five different types of pavers for residential and commercial use. Products are available for homeowners, contractors, landscapers, construction companies, developers, and designers.

Some technologies focus on color and textures. The EnduraColor line, for example, provides colors that will not fade, stain, or become dull over time. The Color Fusion technology provides a realistic granite look by dispersing color randomly. The Real Surface technology produces a realistic feel with textures cast from brick, natural stone, and cobblestones.

Other technologies used to emphasize the longevity and cleanliness of the surface. EasyClean, for example, has surface protection that resists staining. The Titan Tec surface technology was developed so grease, oil, or dirt would not penetrate it. Heavy traffic areas benefit from Ultima Concrete technology, which is formulated to be four times stronger than poured concrete. There are Unilock Pavers in Hartford CT that will suit any need and design or style preference.

Once the pavers are installed in the yard or property, landscaping elements are usually added to complete the look. Trees and shrubs, flowers, grass, or a vegetable garden can add personal touches, depending on the style and desires of the property owner. Gravel, sand, top soil, mulch, and crushed stones are used to suppress weeds, make borders, and add color to landscaping designs. Visit the website for details on the many different options for pavers, hardscape products, and landscape mulches, sands, and soils.

Mulches, compost, and resilient paving materials are processed on-site and made of recycled and reclaimed wood, leaves, asphalt, and concrete. Non-treated wood waste, tree stumps, used pallets, recycled trees, and non-toxic dyes, for example, are used to make five different colors and textures of mulch. Ruby red, hardwood brown, ebony, chocolate, and natural mulch are all available at affordable pricing due to the cost savings from recycling. Finding a resourceful company to supply materials needed for any and all yard work will save customers time and money.

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