Advantages Of Using A Beer Can Filler System

Beer cans. Some drinkers love them; others loathe them. Some go so far as to say they are an abomination reserved for commercial beer production. Yet, not all craft brewers think this way. They find it advantageous to employ beer can filler equipment as well as or instead of a beer bottle filler.

Why Replace or Use Beer Cans?

If you are a craft brewery, chances are people think you bottle your brew. The image of craft beer and cans simply does not compute with many individuals. Yet, this is not the reality for many craft brewers nor should it be. There are many reasons why using beer cans can be advantageous to a brewer and his or her brewery.

The craft beer market is highly competitive. The demands of the market for better quality beer at an affordable price battles against what craft breweries are up against. The cost of everything tends to go up. They have to find some way to economize without affecting the quality of their product. One answer is to can and not bottle.

A beer can filler system makes it easier for the brewer to focus on quality. Cans are also beneficial for other reasons, not all of them relating to finances. Cans:

 * Are more durable than bottles preventing damaged and broken bottles
 * Are lightweight and, therefore, less expensive to transport
 * Are able to provide a better seal for the product keeping the “goodness” sealed within
 * Block the negative effects of sunlight and other light. When it strikes the contents, it potentially impacts the taste and appearance  * producing what is known as light struck or skunky beer
 * Is actually better for the environment than bottles
 * Is more portable and safely so for consumers
 * Are easier and more convenient to store than bottles are
 * Are often preferred by small shops. They can stack them and save space

These are some of the reasons why craft companies are using can fillers exclusively or are using filling equipment that can do both.

Beer Can Filler

If you are in the market for a system that will effectively and effortlessly dispose of your brew into its containers, you have several options from which to choose. Any disposition system you consider these days needs to be able to grow with your company while satisfying its current needs. If you want your company to be technologically savvy, but also at the forefront of high quality beer production, make certain your beer can filler matches your expectations.

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