Advantages To A Remanufactured Transmission

There are a lot of reasons to consider a rebuilt transmission, but there is often a concern with some shops about the quality of experience and expertise available in-house to get the job done. To address this issue, many people choose a remanufactured transmission over the rebuilt option.

There are several important reasons to consider why a remanufactured transmission is the best option for your vehicle. By weighing the pros and cons of each option, you will be able to see why remanufactured is the choice of so many vehicle owners.

Professional and Specialized Technicians

When a transmission is sent away, it is sent to a facility specializing in remanufactured transmission services. This is all these professional technicians do. Many specialize in a particular vehicle manufacturer’s transmissions, so they have an in-depth understanding and experience with every transmission they remanufacture.

Current Factory Updates

Through the remanufacturing process, all current factory upgrades are installed into your transmission. This is true even if this wasn’t the issue for the need for repair. When you get the remanufactured transmission back, it is just like a new transmission rolling of the assembly line as to the upgrades and current status of all the electrical and other parts.

State of the Art Equipment and Testing

At a remanufacturing facility, they have state of the art equipment both to complete the rebuild as well as to fully test the transmission before it is shipped out again. This is invaluable as it ensures the transmission is in top working condition before it is installed in your vehicle.

Parts Machined or Replaced

In many mechanic rebuilds the parts are cleaned, visually inspected, and then used again if they appear to be in good condition. With you elect to go with a remanufactured transmission all parts that are used are cleaned, inspected and machined or replaced. These services don’t put back parts that are going to fail in a few hundred miles. If the part looks like it will or is failing, it is replaced or machined before being installed.

With all the care and attention that goes into a remanufactured transmission it is no wonder companies are willing to offer top warranties. You may only have a 90-day warranty on a rebuilt tranny, but you will often find companies offering three years on a remanufactured transmission, which is certainly worth consideration.

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