After Care Instructions for a Tooth Extraction at a Dental Clinic in Mankato, MN

After dental patients have a procedure done, the Dental Clinic Mankato MN will send them home with after care instructions to give them the best chance of proper healing and to make their recovery time as short as possible. Following the dentist’s instructions after a procedure can prevent pain, infection, and aggravating the same problem again.

A tooth extraction is a common Dental Clinic Mankato MN procedure. After an extraction, the dentist office may send the patient home with a care sheet to prevent problems. Many times after an extraction, dental patients have complaints about pain from a dry socket. There are sensitive nerve endings in the mouth, and tissues in this area are prone to bleeding, which may seem alarming to patients. For this reason, the dentist will pack the area with gauze and send the patient home with more gauze so they can change their dressing. For sleeping at night, they can use an old pillow case in case of bleeding. Another idea is to take an old t-shirt and stuff the pillow inside it.

The Dental Clinic Mankato MN may also send the patient home with pain medication and antibiotics. The patient should take these as prescribed, and call the dentist if they experience side effects. The patient should also call if they have an unusual amount of bleeding, pain, or swelling. Patients may also be able to take an over the counter pain medication; the dentist will let the patient know the acceptable dosage amount that can be taken in addition to any prescription medications. Ice packs can relieve the pain from swelling; one idea is to buy a package of frozen peas. This can be applied for 20 minutes at a time.

The Dental Clinic Mankato MN will advise patients to take care with eating and drinking for several days. Patients should eat nutritious, softer foods and stay away from smoking and eating candy for several days.

Patients shouldn’t brush or floss in the area of the extraction for the first 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, the dentist may want the patient to rinse every hour with a special rinse or using salt water and continue rinsing hourly for a few days.

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