An Emergency Dentist in Folsom Who Understands Your Pain

You are out playing baseball with some friends when suddenly the bat slips out the player’s hand and pops you in the mouth. One of your teeth is knocked out and you need to see a dentist right away. What can you do? If you are in the Aldan, Pennsylvania area, you can see an Emergency Dentist in Folsom. Aldan Family Dental offers some understanding for you when you get an emergency situation for your dental care.

Toothaches are no joke, and everyone’s threshold is different when it comes to pain levels. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed because you can’t stand pain. If other parts of your body were hurting, you would go to see about alleviating the pain quickly. Do not be concerned because you fear your dentist will scold you for not taking care of your teeth. Go and get the situation remedied. Some tooth situations cannot afford a delay. You could have a deep hole in your tooth that needs a filling. Even worse, your tooth could have an abscess, which is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Don’t wait until you think it is a “good time” to get your tooth looked at. Emergencies are emergencies because they come up suddenly and need immediate attention.

Aldan Family Dental, an Emergency Dentist in Folsom, Pennsylvania will provide immediate care for your tooth with a dentist who is experienced in emergency dental care. They treat chipped teeth, root canals, emergency extractions, denture repairs and injuries with both adults and children. They provide same day service for Aldan, Folsom, Holmes, Lansdowne, Springfield, Morton, Clifton Heights, Darby, Drexel Hill, Folcroft, Norwood, Prospect Park and many other surrounding cities.

Aldan Family Dental offers full services to correct dental problems and provide you with the top dental care. Other services they offer are Cosmetic Dentistry and dental implants. For your cosmetic dental care, they do veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, smile makeovers and Invisalign clear braces. For dental implants, they provide dentures, single and multiple teeth replacements, fixed bridges and denture stabilizing. To get an appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Folsom, Pennsylvania, contact Aldan Family Dental in their Aldan location, or you can visit their website, for more information.





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