An Experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Bremerton WA will Help You Receive Just Compensation

The day begins as any other workday. It was raining last night and there are still puddles on the ground. The work site is muddy, but should dry up by noon. In the meantime, the job still has to be done.

It’s a good thing that some new homes are going up; work was pretty tight for a while. The boss said that they need to get this house finished quickly and will give everyone a bonus for finishing ahead of schedule. He hopes that some of the old equipment can be replaced soon. He plugged in the saw, slipped in the mud and knew nothing until he woke up in the hospital. The cord was frayed and wet.

He was confused and just couldn’t seem to make the words come out right. This is one of the serious problems related to electrocution injuries. Many suffer from memory and have other cognition problems in addition to the physical injuries. Thermal burns and damages to internal organs are also common. Some have problems with eyesight or hearing after an electrical injury. It is difficult to know the full extent of injuries for some time, so accepting an early offer from an insurance company would be a mistake.

Once employees are injured, employers refer everything having to do with the injury to the insurance company holding their Worker’s Compensation coverage. The employee’s contact will be the insurance adjustor, who is only concerned with settling the claim for as little as possible. The odds are stacked against the employee receiving fair compensation for his injuries if he tries to do it all on his own.

The Law Office of Paul W. Bryan, PLLC focuses on assisting those who have become injured on the job to receive the compensation due them. Wading through all of the necessary forms, paperwork and rules while injured is difficult, to say the least. Dealing with doctor’s appointments and physical therapy is time-consuming and both mentally and physically exhausting. This Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Bremerton WA understands the process and can deal with the insurance companies and the Labor & Industries department. Contact the office to schedule a free consultation to discuss the situation or browse this site to learn more about the services offered.


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