An Explanation of Truck Scales

Trucks scales are oversized industrial scales that measure the weight of trucks in an empty and full state. Many people will have seen a road sign along a highway, pointing to a weigh station, as they travel and may have wondered exactly what it was. Essentially trucks are required to stop at regular intervals at weigh stations to weigh their cargo and make sure that nothing untoward has been added or removed from it.

The two kinds of truck scales are ‘full length’ scales which weigh the truck in its entirety in one go and an ‘axle load’ scale which weighs the front axle load and then the back axle load in two goes. ‘Axle load’ scales can be prone to misreading because it is difficult for the scale to differentiate between the front axle load and the back and need to be accurately level to get the best reading. The ‘full length’ truck scale can either be a permanent fixture, as with weigh stations, or a temporary structure placed over the prepared surface.

Types, Availability and Fitting

If you need truck scales in Lancaster, you can buy or rent a fully mechanized electronic truck scale or a partially manually operated scale, known as electromechanical. Fully mechanized truck scales are relatively cheaper and far easier to install in place. They also require far less repair and maintenance in comparison to their partially manual counterparts. For many truck scales you will require a ramp for the truck to run onto the scale. Other truck scales don’t require them. The low profile style scale is less costly and has an easier to fit foundation, as well as being available in a portable style. You can also get steel deck style scales that support large heavy goods vehicles and semi’s.

Some trucks scales also require the installation of a belt restrain for the bumper. They are easy to adjust, once installed and very inexpensive to purchase and maintain. There is also the option of a check rod restraint which requires zero maintenance and disallows any movement in a weighbridge. The foundations is protected from any damage and it is very quiet.

You can get a truck scale in a huge variety of sizes with the platform often exceeding one hundred feet in length. When you choose the size required for your particular business you should consider the largest vehicle that will ever pass over it and work downward. You may end up with a vehicle that exceeds the length capacity for that specific scale if you don’t do your research to begin with. The width is also important because you won’t want to end up with a truck scale that is too narrow for the largest of your vehicles to pass over. Make sure you take measurement before you decide which truck scale you purchase.


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