Are Residential Keyless Door Locks in Henderson, NV a Good Idea?

The idea of using Keyless Door Locks in Henderson NV in some type of business setting barely raises an eyebrow these days. This particular security measure has become so common that people almost expect business owners to make use of the approach. What is still less common is the use of these types of locks on homes. In fact, there are some great reasons for going with locks that are triggered using codes, hand recognition, or face recognition. Here are some points to keep in mind.

No Keys to Lose

One of the most obvious benefits of switching to Keyless Door Locks in Henderson NV is that no family member has a key to lose. Assuming the lock comes with a keypad and anyone coming in must use a code, all each member of the family has to do is remember the code. Compare this approach to the need to have traditional locks rekeyed because someone lost their house keys and have no idea who might have found them.

Easy to Update Codes

Many of the systems on the market today make it easy to program new keys into the lock system. That makes it all the easier to change the code from time to time and ensure only authorized people have the new ones. This benefit is already available for people to use with all their online accounts, so why not extend the same concept to keeping the house safe and secure?

Neighbors or Trusted Friends Can Get in During an Emergency

What would happen if there was some sort of health emergency and no one had a way to get into the home? It is possible to leave a key with a neighbor or trusted friend, but keys can be lost or misplaced so easily. If that trusted individual is given the current code to use, they can let in emergency medical teams and anyone else who is needed to help with whatever had taken place.

There are other advantages to going with a residential keyless system. Visit today and learn more about how the locks work, what it takes to install one, and the range of features included. After living with this type of lock for a few weeks, the homeowner will wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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