Area Rug Cleaning In Westchester County NY Offers Various Ways to Keep An Area Rug Looking Like New

There are many ways to redecorate or add new life to a space within a home or office. Area rugs are a way to accomplish that. Whether it is Oriental, Persian, Southwestern, novelty or shag rugs, there are many lovely creations to select from. It can add warmth or brighten a living room, bedroom or office. An area rug also offers a softer and comforting feeling under bare feet. This type of floor covering also protects hardwood floors from unappealing scratches and nicks. Some people have even used these types of rugs as wall art if design is eye catching and artsy.

Over time, area rugs may need more than regular maintenance and spot cleaning. Area rug cleaning in Westchester County NY offers the expertise needed to clean any rug. This is a must for hard to remove stains from food, drink or the beloved family pet. These types of coverings require different cleaning solutions and techniques. Rugs with fringe also need special attention because of their delicate material.

Area rug cleaning service provider also offers the green cleaning option. Clients and their families will not be harmed by the non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable and cleansing substances. They can be used to perform minor to major jobs. All products are approved by a team of professionals before they are used.

Another option that is offered for area rug cleaning is steam cleaning. This method uses intense pressure and 200 degree water to break up soot deep within the fibers of rug. The dirt is then vacuumed out with a powerful cleaning device. This process also kills most bacteria which offers a more sanitized environment for all inhabitants of the space.

There are other ways to prevent nasty stains from ruining an area rug before a professional is contacted.

1. Time is not of the essence when it comes to stains. Quickly use a white towel and warm water to blot the stain.

2. Never use any bleaching solutions, household or bathroom cleaners to remove stains.

If the above stain removal tips do not work, call a professional cleaner who can provide assistance. Area rug cleaning in Westchester County NY can provide the quality expertise for any floor covering stain issues.

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