Arrested and in Jail? Hire A Bondsman in Euless, TX to Post Bail

Being locked up in jail is scary and embarrassing. Prisoners want to get out as soon as possible. Once the judge sets bail at the arraignment hearing, the defendant should call a bondsman in Euless, TX to post it. Often the parents or spouses of the defendant are left to find a bail bond company. They are sometimes afraid to make the call because they think the person answering the phone will be cruel and berate them. They are pleasantly surprised when a courteous and professional bail bond agent answers their call. Bond agents are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If the person has never dealt with the bond process, the agent will patiently explain it.

Bail is a promise that the defendant will appear in court. Therefore the bond agent will make sure that the accused knows when their court dates are and that they are punctual. The bail bond agent may even phone them the night before to remind them. If they need a ride ride to court, the bonding company will make sure that they have one. If they defendant does not appear, the bond company has a limited amount of time to find them and bring them to jail. After that time has elapsed, the company forfeits the bond.

For that reason the bondsman in Euless, TX requires a great deal of personal information on the bond application. The applicant must give their real name and address. They must also list all of their aliases and street names. When the bail bond agent is looking for them on the street, many of their friends won’t know their real name. They also have to list all of the relatives they have in the area and their romantic partners and close friends. Because people change their appearance when they are on the run, they will also have to list all of their tattoos. The bond agent may also take pictures of these. Because tattoos are so hard to hide, they are the perfect way to identify someone. It is a felony to lie on a bail bond application. If a defendant is caught doing this, he will be charged with an additional crime and his bail will be revoked.

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