Ask a Drainage Contractor in Hartford CT about French Drains

At some time or another, it is likely that most homeowners are going to have drainage issues of some kind. For instance, anyone who has a home where there is a lot of moisture in the soil or water underground is going to have a problem. One way to eliminate this problem is to have a French drain installed. This type of drainage system leads the water away from one area and to a different one. For instance, if there is a spot on a property where water tends to gather, it will be drained from this area to an irrigation system. It is usually necessary to have a French drain in any location where there water doesn’t get a chance to evaporate.

When homeowners have drainage issues, one of their main worries is that they are going to end up with water in their basements. This can lead to a lot of damage, because there will be mold. Also, it will cause wood to rot. Having a Drainage Contractor in Hartford CT install a French drain can keep this from happening. It may be a costly endeavor to have a drainage system installed, but the cost is much lower than the cost to renovate after there has been water damage.

When installing a French drain, a trench that is approximately two feet wide and as much as six feet deep is dug. First, a trench is dug. Then, there are two methods a drainage contractor in Hartford, CD can use. One involves using PVC piping. The piping will be at an angle, so that the top is higher than the bottom. Once the pipe is in place, it will need to be covered with clean gravel. The other method doesn’t involve using piping, but simply gravel and rocks, and perforated clay piping is often used to keep the water flowing and not get clogged up by debris. When a homeowner has drainage problems, they should contact a drainage contractor to see if a French drain could be the best solution to help them avoid water buildup and subsequent damage.

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