Bar Grinding: Choosing The Right Provider

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, it is important to find the ideal partners to work within all aspects of the production of parts and components. When there is a need to precision grind short to long stock and tubing, bar grinding companies will be an important choice in a partner.

Different shops offering grinding services may offer different options to consider. This will be particularly important if the workpieces will be longer than average or if they are shorter than usual.

Many companies only work with standard workpieces or sized tubing and bar. This can make it more difficult for OEMs with non-standard parts and components. In addition, some companies will require a minimum production run to set up equipment while others may be willing to work with small to large orders, all factors the OEM needs to consider well in advance.

Alloy Consideration

Many alloys that undergo a fabrication process which involves the use of heat will need to go through a grinding process to restore a uniform surface. The use of bar grinding can also be for aesthetic purposes, creating a shiny, polished and uniform surface that can then be powder coated or otherwise finished.

The specific alloys will need to be factored in as some grinding services only work with standard metals and alloys. Others are able to work with exotic alloys, superalloys or plastics and resins.

Other Factors

It can never be overstated as to the importance of the experience of the company providing the bar grinding service. The use of precision equipment and qualified, experienced operators will make a difference in the final product.

Price and shipping will also be factors to consider. Typically, the top companies will be highly competitive with both issues. Carefully check to ensure the company can complete orders to your schedule and also have the capacity needed to handle current orders and future demand.

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