Basic Plumbing Problem With Showers

A plumber in Stamford CT knows that people adore their showers and baths. When the water turns cold, it is often the fault of the water heater. Yet, these are not the only issues a plumber may face when he or she comes out to look at your misbehaving or faulty shower. Some may be serious while others are so trivial the owner need not have called at all.

Shower Head Is Clogged

If the water is trickling out in odd sprays and in erratic patters, chances are the shower head is clogged. This most frequently is the result of the build-up of minerals in the actual shower head, particularly if the water is hard. If you want to verify this, remove the shower head and run the water through the pipe. If it comes through at full pressure, you know it is the shower head.

To rectify this simple problem, clean the head by soaking it in vinegar. Alternatively, you can use a commercial product recommended by your plumber. If this method fails to clean the shower head, buy yourself another one.

Shower Is Clogged

Sometimes, water may back up into the shower stall. The problem here may be a clog within the shower drain. However, it may be indications of something more serious. If you cannot clear out the clog using hot water, baking soda and vinegar or a plumber snake, the problem is more severe than a simple clog.

If the shower has waste water, this is certainly a more complicated problem. It usually indicates problems with the sewer line. In such a situation, you need to call in a plumber to locate and fix the problem.

Shower Leaks.

Sometimes a shower may leak. The cause may be a connective pipe between the shower and the bathroom. This is the simplest cause. Yet, if the water is leaking from the wall or drips into a room directly below, the issue is not the shower head and line but may relate to the inability of the caulking in a shower stall from containing the water. The culprit could also be a cracked shower pan or worn down lining. This will require the services of a plumber.

Water Pressure Is Reduced

A drop in the water pressure of your shower head can indicate one of several things. It may mean you have a clogged shower head. If, however, the fall in water pressure is found throughout the home, the problem could be a more serious one. It could be a broken water main in the neighborhood. First get in touch with your neighbors before you go into a panic.

Calling in the Plumber

While some shower problems can be handled by the residents, many are too complex. They require the services of a professional plumber. In Stamford CT, you can get in touch easily and quickly with expert professionals to handle any and all shower plumbing problems.



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