Benefits And Features Of Private Cloud Providers

Unless you need them, you probably don’t know much about private cloud providers or know what they are at all. They are companies who offer a particular model of computing that is more secure so that only you can operate it or that of your organization. Some similar options are public, meaning anyone can use the server or network. While this can be okay for many instances, most companies prefer one that can only be used and accessed by them, so they don’t risk losing valuable information.

Difficulty In Defining

It can be somewhat difficult to understand the difference in services and features because each option will provide similar services. The primary benefit of being the sole user or organization using the server is that you won’t have to share space and won’t be bogged down because of another company.

Another benefit is that you’ll notice additional security. You can process or store your data and use it to carry out sensitive tasks without worrying that someone else may get that information.

Why Not LANs?

Local Access Networks work similarly to clouds to keep information and data safe and secure, but you would require a server on-site or a network. Now, everything can be done virtually, meaning online.

Better Privacy/Security

By using different techniques, privacy abounds, and there is added security that you won’t find with public clouds. You can set certain areas to restricted, which will only be behind your firewall, you can have on-site internal hosting or dedicated leased lines to ensure that everything is secure.

More Control

The people employed in your company are the only people who can access the information, so you can manage and configure it the way you need it to be. The provider you use may also be able to retrieve your data, and may have restrictions on what you can do.

Cost Efficient

Even though public clouds are less expensive, you may find yourself saving money in the long run, because everything is virtual, you don’t need a lot of special servers or networks, and you can use as much space as allocated or paid for, instead of sharing it with other companies.

More Reliable

Even though it may seem like a better option to have networks and servers hosted internally, having them virtualized can be even more reliable. The network is always there when you need it and can withstand many failures from individuals and power outages.

Private cloud providers can offer more features and benefits than a public provider. Visit Efficloud today to learn more about their services.

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