Benefits Of Pre-School Programs In Fairfield CT

The first official year of a child’s education is kindergarten, however, parents should consider starting their child’s education a year early. Pre-school Programs in Fairfield CT can be very beneficial to children, especially when they start kindergarten.

Lessen Separation Anxiety

If a child has spent their entire life with parents and other caregivers, starting kindergarten can be very traumatic. It isn’t easy for a child to start spending an entire day away from these people. When parents send their child to pre-school, it is a great chance for the child to start getting used to a new routine. When they start kindergarten, the child won’t display any symptoms of separation anxiety.

Social Skills

If a child doesn’t get a chance to spend time with other kids, their social skills will be lacking kindergarten starts. Pre-school is the perfect time for parents to put their children in a social situation. This will help the child make friends when they start kindergarten.

Prepares the Child For Kindergarten

In order for a child to graduate from kindergarten, they need to have a firm grasp of reading, writing, and math. In pre-school, children start learning these skills. This will give the child a head start when they start kindergarten. If a parent sends their child to pre-school, they will be further ahead than the children who didn’t go to pre-school.

The Pre-School Environment is Structured

Most kids who have spent their whole lives at home have never been in a structured environment. When the child starts kindergarten, it can be a huge culture shock. If the parents send their child to pre-school, they will spend their days in a structured environment that doesn’t have too many rules. While a pre-school class is organized, social interaction and play are encouraged.

Helps Develop Motor Skills

As a child is allowed to explore their environment, their physical coordination can improve. Pre-school programs provide activities every day that gives a child the chance to work on their motor skills. Running, jumping, and climbing are great ways to improve motor skills and these things are all done in pre-school. Also, color, cutting with scissors, and playing with clay will help fine tune the child’s motor skills early.

It is in a parent’s best interests to send their children to pre-school programs in Fairfield CT. For more information, Visit website domain.

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