Benefits of Pre Season Maintenance on a System for Air Conditioning in Portland

Making sure that one’s system for Air conditioning in Portland is working well can be very important as the summer season approaches each year. Many homeowners find that by having their unit inspected and maintained in the early months of spring, they will have fewer issues that need to be addressed during the hot months when the unit is needed at most. Because of this, most homeowners will want to schedule a repair professional to visit to handle pre-season maintenance on their unit well before the unit is needed to cool the home.

One of the first things that a repair person will want to do on a system for Air conditioning in Portland is to clean the unit. Most units become quite dirty over the course of time and since a dirty unit will often cost more to run, spending time cleaning it can be cost effective for the customer. Most repair professionals will vacuum the unit inside and out. They will also clean the vents and grilles on the unit to ensure air can properly flow through these elements. The air filter will also be examined and changed if necessary. Visit Oregon Heating for more information on Air Conditioning system.

The motor on the unit will need to be inspected to determine if it is operating safely. Most professionals will want to check that the system for Air conditioning in Portland is wired properly and that all the electrical wires and connections that run to the unit’s motor are secure and in good shape. If the motor has oil ports, the technician will need to add oil to the unit to keep the bearings inside the motor well lubricated so they function properly.

The fan on the unit will need to be inspected as well. Fans can become damaged with cracks or other issues. If this is noted on the fan, it will need to be replaced. If not, the fan should be cleaned with a stiff brush. The fan belt that connects the motor and the fan will also need to be examined for damage or deterioration. If the belt is not in good repair, it will also need to be replaced. If the belt is in good shape, then the tension should be checked and adjusted if necessary. In most cases, the tension on the belt can be adjusted by loosening then mounting bolts on the motor and then shifting it until the tension on the belt is proper. Visit their website

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