Benefits Of Using A Machine Laser in San Antonio

Machines with rotating parts can become misaligned over time where the shafts join together. Even slight misalignment of two shafts can result in excessive vibration that puts a lot of stress on the shafts, couplings, seals, bearings, and foundation bolts. Misalignment can cause parts to wear out early, and it can cause excessive power consumption when machines are not able to work efficiently. Worst of all, misaligned machines can break down, causing a work stoppage and necessitating extended down time and expensive repair.

A Machine Laser in San Antonio is a tool used to measure and align rotating shafts. Since laser beams cannot be bent by gravity or bracket sags, they make a highly reliable measurement tool. In laser alignment, a laser beam is shot through the rotating center of a shaft from different angles. Machine lasers come with sensors that can make accurate calculations of parallel and angular misalignment in both horizontal and vertical planes, and they can measure rotational movement in real time. These machines are also frequently able to store data for predictive maintenance records.

The main advantages of using a machine laser in San Antonio to align shafts can include the following:

* Accurate measurement that is unaffected by human error

* A fast procedure that gives immediate results

* An alignment procedure that is straightforward enough to be performed by any operator

* Automatic assessment of both parallel and angular alignment in both horizontal and vertical planes

* A graphic representation of alignment data collected over time

* A reduction in power consumption through proper alignment and more efficient machine operation

* An increase in the life of seals and time between seal repairs

* A decrease in the rate of pump repairs

* A decrease in the amount of shimming needed to start an operation

* An increase in the machine’s production quality

Applications of machine lasers include analyzing flat planes and straight edges, straightness of travel, spindle alignment, bore alignment, and coupling alignment. For fast and accurate machine alignment, lasers offer many improvements over traditional methods that were very time-consuming and depended on the human eye for accuracy. click here to get more information about laser alignment.

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