Benefits of Using Home Heating Oil in Madison

Modern heating oil systems offer a safe, clean and environmentally friendly solution for efficiently heating any home, regardless of the size or age. Innovative technology has make home heating oil in Madison one of the most low-emission, high-efficiency ways to ensure safety, comfort and warmth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, oil burners are now considered to be one, if not the, cleanest source of combustion available. Some of the other benefits of this heating fuel option are found here.


The latest breakthroughs in technology have resulted in modern systems that use heating oil offering a low emissions and high-efficiency method of giving homeowners more for each heating dollar they spend. Heating oil burns at a temperature of 400 degrees hotter than electricity or natural gas, which means a home will be able to heat up much faster while requiring less fuel to run than electric or natural gas heating system.


While the upfront cost for installing an electric heat system can seem attractive, the annual operating costs typically exceed the installation savings. When home heating oil in Madison is selected, it can cost as much as five times what electricity costs. Also, the conversion to heating oil can help to reduce the total energy costs since older heating system will usually operate at a lower rate of efficiency.

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When heating oil is used, homeowners will have the ability to keep their heating oil on-site. Regardless of how cold it gets outside, homeowners can have peace of mind they have a large enough supply to remain warm, unlike customers who us natural gas and find no heat when gas line pressure drops. There is no worry with a heating oil system. Heat is provided virtually on-demand.

Take some time to consider all the options when choosing a heating system for a home. Chances are the cost will make heating oil the most appealing option. Failure to consider all the options may result in serious issues down the road and some nights with no heat at all. East River Energy is pleased to offer you several ways to purchase your home heating oil for the upcoming season.

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