Best Stocks That Pay Dividends

In order to get good returns on the best stock picks in Massachusetts, you want to choose stocks that pay well in dividends since dividends are what you earn as a day trader. Pharmaceutical companies are great for investing because their stocks often give out decent shares of dividends. Another idea is to invest in oil companies and Exxon Mobil in particular offers a yield of 2.50%, which is great for first time investors. Other oil companies to invest in are Chevron and Shell.

General Electric

General Electric has always been stable as it relates to the quality of their stocks and even today this company is earning steady and strong profits. If you’re into energy or consumer goods stocks, General Electric is an excellent choice.

Kimberly Clark

This company produces paper goods and the yield from Kimberly Clark’s dividends is 5%. Kimberly Clark is also an established company with a long history of profitability and success so this is another reason why this is one of the best stock picks in Massachusetts.


Comcast is a major media empire and one reason why some people invest in Comcast is because this company tends to raise their dividends every few years. Since Comcast has a lot of customers, it’s not hard to see why Comcast is a favorite among day traders.


Intel produces mostly computer chips and they produce the same power that creates the boost behind the Android and iPhones. This is what is driving Intel’s success and if you want to invest in a company that pays out high dividends, Intel is the company for you.


Garmin is at the top when it comes to pocket navigation devices such as the GPS and Garmin is also involved in other types of surveillance technology that businesses, government agencies and individuals can use. Garmin offers a 3% dividend yield and this is great for those who want to invest in technology stocks.

Investing in stock is an excellent way to earn income for yourself but the success comes after much hard work, research, help from others and even a few failures along the way. You want to talk with someone who is skilled in day trading to help you choose the right stock picks for a better financial future. Never choose stock picks based on fleeting trends but instead choose stocks from established companies with strong profits and reputations.

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