Bridge the Gap Between High Fashion and Street Culture

Do you enjoy the urban culture and want to express it through your fashion choices? With street style clothing, Vancouver CA residents can bridge the gap between high fashion and street culture. In the past, street culture clothing wasn’t defined as high fashion and it certainly didn’t have a reputation for being the top choice of clothing for most people.

However, in recent years both celebrity and regular shoppers have helped turn the street clothing culture into a phenomenon that is coveted by those who have always embraced street culture and those who are intrigued by the culture and the fashion. Celebrities embracing street style clothing hasn’t damaged the credibility of this style but has taken it to a different level of acceptance and caused an increase in demand.

Bright Colours and Quality Materials Define Street Style Clothing

Many of the newer brands on the market understand that colour is important in street style clothing. Vancouver CA has a large population of people who embrace the urban culture and want clothing that reflects their lifestyle and experiences. Red, orange, blue, and pink are colours used to add a bit of pop to black and white clothing while at the same time helping to elevate the clothing to a higher level of fashion.

The material is of a good quality, making the clothing durable and comfortable. Each brand is unique, so will some will keep the logos simple while others will add an element of bling. The purpose is to take what would have once been considered clothing for only one preferred style and help it to cross over without becoming too mainstream.

Bridging the Gap of the Cost of Fashion

In the past, only highly priced fashion pieces were considered high fashion. However the expansion of mid-priced fashion stores have caused designers to take notice into what sells and what doesn’t. While the super-rich will always buy expensive clothing, the rest of the world desires a mid-priced line of clothing that feels and looks high priced. The gap between high priced and low priced is bridged with street style clothing. Vancouver CA buyers can afford the street style clothing and enjoy the custom logos and graphics not found in traditional clothing stores.

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