Bring Home a Taste of the Sea from Lancaster County PA

The ocean is your favorite destination when you are ready for a getaway. You always plan your vacations at the beach. Why not bring a taste of your favorite place home with lighthouse decor for your landscape? Picture a handcrafted lighthouse made from wood, poly, or stone on your lawn, by your driveway, next to the pool or out by the lake. If you have a pond, a lighthouse would be eye-catching. One thing is certain. You’ll grab the neighborhood’s attention with your nautical showpiece.

Your Lighthouse is Only the Beginning

You’ll be surprised at your options for lighthouse decor. You can choose a smaller model that is only two feet tall, or move up to something as large as 17 feet. Recreate famous lighthouses, such as the Montauk lighthouse or the Cape Hatteras lighthouse at your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a summer camp, picture how captivating a lighthouse would be on your property. In the end, it does not matter where you live. You can feel like you are at the beach every day.

Picture the Waves Rolling in Whenever You Look Out Your Window

You may not have the luxury of living by the sea, but your lighthouse decor can make you feel like you do. Go with solid colors or stripes that are a beautiful complement to your home’s exterior. Once you begin your theme outside, you’ll need to extend it inside your home as well. It is time to turn your home into your escape. Explore Beaver Dam Woodworks nautical creations at

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