Buying Dab Torches Online: A Few Things You Need to Know About Dab Torches

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Business

Googling “torches”, you might find all kinds of results. Kitchen torches, British torches (which are flashlights in the U.S.), metal shop torches, and general-use torches all pop up. There may also be results for “dab torches”. Dab torches are meant for one thing and one thing only- burning concentrated “dabs” of marijuana extract. If you are looking to try dabbing as a new experience, there are a few things you should know about the methods of ignition first.

Dab Torches Melt and Ignite

A knob on most torches ignites and heats the nail. The nail is where you will place a very small bit of dab wax. If you have never dabbed before, do not use your entire dab wax all at once!

This stuff is really potent, and a dab torch isn’t going to burn it up like a bong burns a bud. Dab wax also leaves a residue that needs to be cleaned off your dab torch before the next use.

Unique Dabbing Torches

Even though dab wax and other cannabis products are legal in several states, you may still want to enjoy your dab habit incognito when partaking outside your house. For that, there are several different, very unique dabbing torches.

Some of them are a lot of fun, resembling ray guns or rockets, while others are cleverly disguised as water bottles. If you want a more unique dab torch for a more unique dabbing experience, contact Thicket Now via

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