Call a Residential Roof Installer in Waukesha Wisconsin after a Storm

Even if a storm does not hit your roof with hail or rain, the wind alone can cause the need for a roof replacement. Roofs can also be damaged by straight-line winds during a thunderstorm. According to meteorologists, damages to roofs occur when winds reach peaks of fifty miles per hour or more. These kinds of wind gusts can lead to toppled trees and downed power lines as well.

Exit Your Home if It Is Hit by a Tree

So, after a severe storm, there is often a need to consult a residential roof installer in Waukesha Wisconsin. After the passing of a storm, review your roof for damage and then contact your insurance company so you can get a repair or installation under way. If a tree strikes your roof, exit the home and call a contractor to assess the damage to the roofing.

Making an Inspection: What to Check

Before you phone a residential roof installer, inspect the attic for leakage and look for any sign of water stains on your walls or ceilings. In addition, check for storm damage from ground level. That means looking for missing fascia and shingles. Review the angles of your home where the roof meets the exterior walls.

Inspecting the Siding after a Hail Storm

If the storm included hail, review the roof damage as well as any damage to your siding. Often, contractors such as Siding Unlimited can assist you in taking care of repairs and installation for a roof, siding, and gutters at the same time. If your siding has been hit and damaged by hail, it will exhibit dimples and dents.

Only make a roof inspection in your attic or from the ground. Never go up on the roof itself. Instead, call a residential roof installer to inspect the roof up close. By taking this approach, you will ensure your own safety and be able to obtain a more conclusive diagnosis about the condition of your roof.

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