Call an Emergency Dentist in Springfield if in Pain After Hours

Good dental health is important to maintaining a great smile and personal health, but sometimes life events occur that put people in a situation where their dental health becomes compromised. Emergency rooms treat patients with various complaints and ailments but where does someone go when they have tooth pain? Who do they see when a soccer ball has knocked out a tooth or a tooth has developed an abscess and is causing great pain? Fortunately, many dentists offer emergency services for just such situations.

It’s valuable to know just what type of situations are considered dental emergencies. Perhaps the best way to determine if an emergency exists is by answering these two questions. First, will waiting to contact a dentist during regular hours result in a further compromise of the dental health of the patient? Second, is the pain severe enough to cause considerable discomfort and loss of sleep?

An Emergency Dentist in Springfield should be contacted if delaying treatment will cause further damage. When a tooth is knocked out or extruded, also known as displaced, it is best to see a dentist as soon as possible. Teeth that are knocked out can often be put back in if dental care is immediately sought. Extruded teeth can usually be saved as well. Patients who find themselves in this situation should contact an emergency dentist immediately. Chipped and broken teeth can be repaired using bonding agents, fillings and caps. Seeing a dentist right away increases the chances of saving the remaining portion of the tooth.

Severe pain is a signal that something is wrong and could even be a sign of infection. If pain is not manageable then contact an emergency dentist in Springfield right away. If a crown or filling has fallen out, you will want to see your dentist soon to have repairs performed but this is not generally considered an emergency. An Emergency Dentist in Springfield is a fully qualified and licensed dentist who can also offer standard dentistry services such as cleanings, X rays, preventative and restorative care as well as cosmetic dentistry. A Cosmetic Dentist can offer a host of services from whitening to veneers to implants and other techniques to improve the smiles of their patients. Whether a visit to the dentist is a surprise or an emergency, trained, compassionate dentists are available to offer patients the care they need to maintain good health and a great smile. Read more






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