Can Physical Therapy Cure Injuries Incurred by Auto Accidents?

Treatment after an auto accident can be harrowing, as it makes you consider all the physical damage that was done in that split-second. During this time, it can be difficult to not become pessimistic. While most recognize that driving is one of the most dangerous activities people perform regularly, most people cannot envision it happening to them.

Many victims of Florida accidents wonder if they’ll ever fully recover. After all, physical therapy takes a huge amount of effort and mental fortitude. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

Any Injury Without Permanent Damage Will Heal

Though it may feel hopeless, the fact is that treatment after an auto accident can heal nearly any injury. The unfortunate exceptions include permanent brain damage and permanent paralysis. However, these rarely occur and are only in very serious accidents. Remember, auto insurance typically will cover any costs of treatment that health insurance does not, so you won’t need to consider money during the process in all likeliness.

A Variety of Treatment Methods Are Available

There are several innovative and traditional methods available for victims of Florida accidents of which many are not aware. In addition to standard physical therapy techniques, such as resistance build-up, there are several modern wellness-based treatment methods based on scientific evidence. These include, but are not limited to, chiropractic care, innovative exercise-based solutions, various types of injections to stimulate muscle and joint functions, and “cryotherapy.” Cryotherapy means stepping into a very cold chamber for a few minutes and has been hailed for what many find to be anti-inflammatory properties.

If you fear you have been injured, please seek medical attention at Center For Physical Medicine.

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