Car Accident Lawyers In Southern Maryland Will Help You Win The Case

Winning a large financial settlement can be achieved with the help of car accident lawyers in Southern Maryland. Attempting to settle the case without legal guidance could result in devastating consequences. A victim usually ends up with a minimal amount of money when they don’t use an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Car accidents can involve uninsured or under-insured drivers, road rage incidents, willful neglect, single or multiple vehicle accidents or hit and run accidents. Any and all of these accidents can result in serious injuries that cause financial harm, pain, and suffering of an unsuspecting victim.

Paying A Car Accident Lawyer

The benefit of using a car accident lawyer is a victim will never have to pay car accident lawyers in Southern Maryland out of their own pocket. This type of attorney works on a contingency fee basis. The only time the attorney will collect money for their services is if they win a financial settlement on behalf of the victim. The amount they will receive will be discussed during a free consultation.

Shared Fault Rules

Maryland uses the shared fault rules, including a rule called contributory negligence in automobile accidents. Insurance companies often try to invoke these rules to lessen the amount of money they must pay to a victim. If a victim is partially responsible for the accident, the court could rule the victim is not eligible to receive any compensation.

A driver is eligible to file against their own insurance company or attempt to prove fault and seek damages from the negligent party. With the help of an experienced attorney, an individual can be successful in obtaining a fair settlement.

Damage Caps

There are damage caps on the amount of money an individual can receive for their injuries. These caps are assessed to the non-economic damages which is pain and suffering. The caps change on a yearly basis depending on the inflation rate.

The Law Office Of Danny R. Seidman has years of experience helping Maryland drivers receive the compensation they deserve for the injuries they have received. Don’t attempt to settle a case alone without first speaking to him.

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