Caring for Your Braces So That You Have Straight Teeth in the End

Braces are beneficial if you desire straight teeth or if you need to have your teeth straightened for proper function. However, there are some things that you should avoid doing while wearing braces a New Ross orthodontist places on your teeth. Once your braces are removed, you’ll see the benefits of proper care and avoiding certain foods and activities.


If you weren’t taking part in good oral hygiene before getting braces, then you need to after getting them. You need to floss more often and brush your teeth after every meal so that bacteria and debris won’t have a chance to settle on your teeth around your brackets. Keep all appointments because the wire through your brackets will usually be clipped and tightened along with the bands around the brackets changed.


There are several foods that you should avoid eating after getting braces a New Ross orthodontist places. Don’t chew gum or other sticky candies and foods. Try not to bite into hard foods, such as apples. If you want to eat fruits and vegetables that are harder than others, cut them into small pieces. Try to eat as many soft foods as possible so that you don’t break any of the brackets off your teeth or get sticky foods wrapped around the wires that go through your brackets.

Elastic Bands

Sometimes, you might have elastic bands that help to move your teeth into position. These should always be left in your mouth unless you’re eating or brushing your teeth. Talk to your orthodontist about whether you should sleep in them or not. These bands are usually very small and stretch from one hooked bracket to another. They can make it difficult to talk at times, but they work quickly to get your teeth shifted so that you have straight teeth.

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