Cellink – The Revolutionary Bio Company, Services and Products

To be a part of cutting edge technologies is the dream of most. But this bio link company is doing just that. Cellink, commercialized in 2016, has expanded its company to over 1,000 labs and scientists. This company that handles services such as inkjet bioprinting, sanitizing solutions, and many more, now has over 200 employees and deals with more than 55 countries all over the world.

As mentioned before, their products and services include inkjet bioprinting, bio fabrication, drug development, and the list does not stop there. Cellink, over the span of 5 industries, has patented or has patents still pending more than 80 products. Cellink is breaking the mold, pushing past limitations, and revolutionizing the way medicine is made in the world today.

Their vision of transforming what medicine will be like and how it will be created in the future has inspired them to create and provide technologies to encourage the mastering of biology. In 2020, they expanded their dreams by bringing together a synergy of scientific and technological breakthroughs. This has allowed them to meet and surpass the expectations of the ever-changing healthcare and medical needs.

The future of inkjet printing and other services and products is the way of the future. Cellink will continue to revolutionize the future of medicine as they design and create transformational products. They hold themselves to such high standards, so each client and partner business can trust that the products are of the best quality. To find out more about the revolutionary products and services of Cellink, visit cellink.com.

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