Changing Your Life With Dental Implants in Kittanning PA

Missing teeth can have a significant impact on your life. Both your physical and psychological well-being can be affected if you do not take action to fill those empty gaps where your natural teeth used to be. It is possible that you could opt to get Dental Implants in Kittanning PA.

Not every patient is a good candidate for Dental Implants in Kittanning PA. You will have to attend a consultation at the oral surgeon’s office to have a full exam performed on your mouth. The surgeon will order x-rays to learn if you have enough healthy bone to place the implant. If you have been missing the tooth or teeth for an extended period of time, it could be that the bones in your mouth have deteriorated to a point in which they would not be healthy and large enough to accept an implant.

If the oral surgeon concludes that you are a good candidate for Dental Implants in Kittanning PA, you will be scheduled for the next procedure. This step includes surgically implanting the implant. Generally, you will be sedated for the procedure and will not be aware of what is going on. When you wake, you will feel some discomfort, but many patients claim that it is not much worse than that of a serious toothache.

You will be required to wait several weeks while the implant heals before you will get the actual tooth put in place on the post. This time is important because if the tooth were put on the post before the healing process was complete, the implant could fail and cause you to start the process over from the beginning.

Once the tooth is put in place, you must continue to care for your teeth the way you did prior to getting the implant. You must preserve the health of your remaining teeth and gums if you wish to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

The only way for you to know if Dental Implants in Kittanning PA could change your life for the better is by scheduling a consultation and discussing your options with a skilled oral surgeon.

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