Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Home or Business

Do you know there is no need to wax Epoxy Flooring? These types of poured floors have no seams for dirt or bacteria to adhere to and they are quiet and extremely easy to clean. They are sanitary and highly recommended for use in restaurants and hospitals, automotive repair and vehicle dealerships, warehouses, factories, garages, schools, colleges, hotels, fire departments, corporations and residential homes. These special poured floors are chemical and acid resistant. They are extremely easy to maintain with just a damp mopping. They are also waterproof. Veterinarian clinics and doctor’s offices order these floors, simply because they’re seamless and offer a healthier atmosphere that resists bacteria growth.

You can learn about these types of floors by logging on to Imagine the ease of cleaning resin or Epoxy Flooring and not having to scrub the grout because there is no grout for dirt to hide in this flooring. Thousands of firms, factories and homes are enjoying these no seam, no grout, sealed floors. Business owners feel much safer by having seamless slip-resistant poured flooring which means employees who are on the move have a safer floor to walk on with less call-off days and worker’s compensation claims.

The flooring comes in many different colors for the business and home. Floors are non-porous and being much safer and sanitary than floors with grout and ridges, they’re used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. They are approved by the U.S. Department of Health, the FDA, EPA and OSHA for their safety to those walking on them. They are also very inexpensive to maintain once the floors are poured as not much is needed for maintaining them except a light cleaning.

Besides the epoxy, there are acrylic flooring, flexible and self leveling systems, and urethane to choose from. Interested clients can find a ‘contact us’ button on the website where the address, phone number, directions and email address of companies are located. When you find a company offering seamless flooring you would like to hire to pour the floors you want for your business or home, just give them a call or fill out the short contact form and ask for a free estimate. Customers receive a warranty on labor and materials and the warranties offered by flooring manufacturers.



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