Choosing Gas Piping Installation For New Living Space In The Home

Gas Piping Installation must be done whenever a homeowner needs to have the existing pipes extended to another part of the structure. In some cases, the place is being modified so another family member or close friend can move in and nobody is inconvenienced. That could mean having a new addition built onto the home or converting the upstairs into an apartment. Natural gas pipes may need to extend into these areas so heat can be provided from the furnace.

The property owners might even decide to have a second, smaller furnace installed for the new residents. That keeps the two utility bills separate so the property owners don’t have to pay for the extra heat. This is advantageous when the new residents plan to stay for a lengthy time frame and have enough income to pay for their own heat. Gas Piping Installation allows everyone to enjoy climate control without bickering about how much heat is being used.

An alternative option would to be have electric baseboards installed, but there may be good reasons why the property owner doesn’t want to do this. Even when considering the cost of gas pipe extension or an additional furnace, electric heat is expensive. If little children will be living in the home, they are at risk of touching those hot baseboards and being injured. There is also a fire hazard if somebody in the home cannot be trusted to be careful about keeping objects a certain distance from the heaters. Also, many people simply don’t like the look of baseboards in the home. They interrupt the streamlined appearance of the walls.

When property owners first start looking for a contractor to do this work, they may be surprised to discover that many plumbers offer the service. Since plumbers do a great deal of work with water pipes, it makes sense that their official training includes working on gas pipes as well. Not all plumbers offer this service, but those with a company such as Bode’s Electric & Plumbing are ready to complete the project. Please take a look at to get started. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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