Choosing the Best Option for Grass in Junction City, KS

Grass in Junction City KS, can begin with rich, high nutrient sod for less cost than you would expect to pay. Whether you are a homeowner, a maintainer of golf courses, or a turf-grass professional, you have Fescue and Bermuda sod available for pick up or delivery. Sod offers instant beauty and immediate increases in property value and curb appeal. It can be rooted in approximately 10 days, and ready to be played upon within a few weeks. Sod is a natural filter for the environment as it cleans the air and helps recharge the ground water supply. It is an efficient and low cost way to add a lawn to any property, and can be installed as long as the ground is not frozen.

Services offered are expert installation of sod, sprigs for planting, and seed for planting. No job is too small or too big for a Grass in Junction City KS expert. You will receive the same expertise and attention to detail for your one lawn as you would for the largest commercial area. Sprig planting is an alternative to sodding that can look like sodding in 10-12 weeks, depending on conditions and planting months. Seed available for planting is the same Fescue seed that is planted for the sod available to you. It is ideal if you want to grow your own grass from scratch.

Installation and care are very important to the success of your new sod, and there are steps that need to be carefully followed. You will have clear instructions for the preparation work and expert installation when the soil is ready. Grass in Junction City KS requires four steps that include measuring and ordering, soil preparation, Turf-Sod Installation, and watering. Measuring and ordering is based on the measurements of your lawn or area that you give to the technician. The amount of sod you need is estimated, and the ordering is completed by both you and the sod experts. Soil prep is done to ensure that conditions are conducive to successful installation. After installation, watering is done specifically for the season.

Grass in Junction City KS, will need to be maintained to keep it looking lush and beautiful year after year. Fertilizing schedules and packages are available for pick up or delivery in 5,000 and 10,000 square foot plans. The cost for a year is nominal and well worth it to keep you satisfied with your lawn investment.

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