Choosing The Right Type of Flooring in Lancaster, PA For Your Home

As important as other parts of a home, floors are often not given the attention they deserve by most homeowners. Flooring finishes can make a difference and builders feel that quality floors can improve the appearance of the interiors of a house. There are many flooring options are available on the market, and homeowners can comfortably select the type of floor that befits the value of their houses. This article discusses some types of flooring in Lancaster PA to help you select the right floor.
Floating Floors

A floating floor, though a new technique, is becoming popular among homeowners. This type of floor comes in planks of different measurements. The most common size being planks that measure 12″ x48″. Planks are easy to install since they connect to each other without making joints. Today, most planks come with the foam to help with strengthening the planks and making them tough to resist excess traffic. Floating floors are delicate and need enough room to contract and expand. Because of this, floating floors should be installed with considerable gaps, especially where the planks meet each other. Gaps should be left between the planks and other plumbing fixtures such as wooden walls and cabinets. These gaps need to be covered using baseboard to ensure they are tightly held together.

Laminate Flooring

Laminates are the most popular and common type of flooring today. Laminates come with plastic finishes on top of the wooden base. Since the surface is made from plastics, homeowners have a wide range of choices. Laminate floorings are also designed from stone and ceramic tiles. Experienced flooring experts can build custom laminate floors that can rival recessed grout joints.

Bamboo and Linoleum Floors

These flooring materials come in planks, but the only difference between them and floating floors is that they are thinner. They can be installed on top of concrete floor, wooden floors and other traditional floors. If you love a traditional look, you may choose bamboo floors instead of laminate finishes. If you are looking for immaculate, spectacular and uniform flooring in Lancaster PA, you should consider spending more by hiring a qualified flooring expert and high-grade materials for high-end finishes.

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