Christopher Dixon Financial Advisor

Christopher Dixon is the co-founder and a financial advisor for the Oxford Advisory Group. The main focus in his role is helping people to look at their goals in retirement and the most effective ways that they could meet their goals.

For some people, retirement is potentially exciting. It is an opportunity to do what you want to do after years of working either for yourself or for a company. For others, it can be a difficult time, as some people may be figuring out what they want to do and whether there will be enough to provide for the care that they may need during that time.

This is something that Chris Dixon works on during his work with the Oxford Advisory Group. In addition to this, he also presents regular seminars on taxes in retirement, raising awareness of how to lower taxes and maximising social security businesses.

With his brother and managing partner Samuel they co-present the radio show Reinventing Retirement. As the name suggests, it is about being positive about this time and doing what they can to guide people during this process.

Christopher Dixon is able to offer professional advice in this field due to his qualifications- he has insurance licenses in Florida and South Carolina alongside a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University, allowing him to engage with clients to help them learn more about the options available to them in retirement and make more empowered choices regarding their retirement planning.

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