Cleaning Tips For St. Paul, MN Granite Countertops In Bathrooms

While granite is a natural choice for kitchen countertops for homes in St. Paul, MN, it is an equally effective choice for counters in a bathroom. As with a kitchen countertop, granite counters in a bathroom can be very easy to maintain with just a bit of regular care and attention.

There will not be the concern about acidic foods on the granite countertops in a bathroom, but there are still some general cleaning and care tips homeowners need to consider. As with kitchen counters, it is critical to ensure the granite is sealed. With less wear and tear on the surfaces, it is very likely it will be years between applying the sealant, but this will depend on the use and the particular exposure to chemicals and possible staining agents.

Remove Spills Immediately

Toothpaste, soap, makeup, shampoo, creams and other types of products should always be removed from granite countertops as soon as possible. Keep a microfiber cloth under the sink and dampen it with warm water and wipe the area. By removing these products, both liquids and dry powders, staining and dulling can be easily prevented.

Wipe Up Residue

Hairspray, styling sprays, perfumes, colognes, deodorants and other types of spray products can create a fine mist which will settle on granite countertops in the bathroom. This mist dries very quickly, creating a residue which can dull the surface over time.

When using aerosols or sprays, simply wipe the countertops down with warm water and a microfiber cloth. Doing this daily after using the area to get ready is a simple way to keep it clean.

Clean Weekly to Shine

Use a recommended granite cleaning product once a week or once every two weeks on the counters. This can be the same product as you use on your St. Paul, MN kitchen countertops, just make sure it is a pH neutral granite cleaner.

The special cleaner will remove any remaining residue and leave the surface shiny, lustrous and beautiful without the need for any additional cleaning or work.

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