Common Misconceptions about Fitness Centers

Bad fitness advice can keep you from getting in better shape. When people regularly believe a fitness myth, it is easily accepted as truth. If you want to avoid this mistake, you need to discover the truth behind common fitness misconceptions.

Lifting Weights Will Give You Bulky Muscles
The most common misconception about going to a fitness center is that lifting weights will produce bulky muscles. You need to lift weights or perform strength training to build muscle, but a lot of work is required to develop large muscles. There is no risk of producing bulky muscles unless that is your goal.

Cardio Is the Best Way to Lose Weight
Running and other cardio activities can improve your heart health and expend calories. However, you will get better results by adding more lean muscle mass.

When visiting a fitness center in Old Bridge, NJ, you should combine cardio and strength training. Strength training helps build lean muscle, which increases your metabolic rate. With more metabolic activity, you burn more calories throughout the day.

Men and Women Need Different Exercises
The hormonal balance of men and women is different. Hormones are an important part of fitness, affecting your ability to build muscle. However, this does not mean that each sex needs its workout at the local fitness center.

Everyone benefits from working out. When you attend a class at a fitness center in Old Bridge, NJ, you will see men and women performing the same exercises. The main difference between the sexes is their fitness goals, with men often wanting more muscle and women often wanting to burn fat.

Combining cardio and strength training, THE MAX Challenge fitness program can help you reach your goals. Whether you want to shed pounds or build bulky muscles, experienced trainers keep you motivated and help you discover the truth about common fitness myths.

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