Common Types of Loans in Galesburg, IL

Loans are sometimes difficult to obtain and even harder to understand. Part of the challenge of applying for a loan is choosing the right one for your needs. If you are considering a loan for any purpose, here is some information about the loan options to consider and what you will need before you apply.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are commonly a smaller amount of money. They are often used to repair a car, work on a home or for a variety of other needs. Debt consolidation loans are a form of personal loan. These can help to save money when they are used to pay off credit cards or higher-interest loans.

These are often the easiest loan to obtain and rarely require collateral, assuming your credit rating is good or better. They also require just a simple application to apply with little or no fees.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are relatively easy to get and generally have low or lower rates than personal loans. They are frequently used for home repairs or additions. How much you qualify for will depend on how much equity is in your home. These loans have generous repayment terms of 10-15 years compared to 2-5 years with a personal loan. This makes payments lower and more affordable when large projects loom.

In order to qualify your mortgage payments will need to be current. You will only be able to receive approximately 75 percent of your home’s appraised value, minus the balance currently mortgaged. An appraisal will need to be performed to arrive at the home’s value and this fee will be charged to you. It can either be paid up front or in some instances added to the loan itself.

Automobile Loans

Many people receive financing where they purchase their vehicle, but often a better rate is available from their own bank. They can pre-approve a loan, advise you up front of your monthly payments and give you the trade-in value on your current vehicle. If you already have a car loan with a high interest rate, consider an auto loan refinancing which can lower payments or reduce the length of the loan dramatically.

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