Compensation for slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, it can just as easily be caused by a broken city sidewalk as in an isle in a store. In most situations the owners of a property, and this can be the city government as well, have a responsibility to keep their premises free from hazards which can cause injury. The hazards are not only the ones they are aware of but the ones they don’t know about are also included.

Those unfortunate visitors or customers can get compensation, they can receive compensation via an insurance claim or they can hire a personal injury lawyer in PA and sue the responsible party.

Should you hire a lawyer?
The short answer is yes! After you have suffered a slip and fall accident by all means discuss it with a personal injury lawyer in PA, after all in most cases the first consultation is free anyway and if you do hire a lawyer in many cases the case will be taken on contingency and you’re out of pocket expenses to pursue the case will be limited as the lawyer gets his fee from the settlement.

A well seasoned lawyer will have a complete understanding of the property owner’s obligations, the lawyer knows that the premises must be kept clean and reasonably free from hazards at all times. The lawyer will talk to the defendant’s insurance company and attempt to settle the matter, however, if the case goes to court the lawyer will protect your rights and advocate on your behalf from start to finish.

A personal injury lawyer can be very helpful, especially if the success of your claim depends on available evidence and putting forth your claim in the right way.

The evidence you need:
The success of a slip and fall claim is very much dependant on the preservation of proof and evidence; it is crucial that as much evidence and proof as possible be gathered and the sooner this is done, the better.

Take photographs of the situation especially the conditions that existed at the time of the accident. If the cause of the slip and fall is eliminated, perhaps the ice melted, take pictures of this as well as these can present a very effective “before and after” scenario.

Talk to anyone who witnessed the accident and ask for their contact details and ask if they are willing to give a statement to your lawyer.

Slip and fall accidents can be very serious and have long term repercussions. If this happens to you should hire a personal injury lawyer in PA.

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