Considerations When Starting to Think About Renting at Storage Facilities in Connecticut

People rent storage units for a variety of reasons. Some want them for long-term use, but most lease the area for only a few months or less. When thinking about renting at one of the Storage Facilities in Connecticut, the person must consider whether a unit inside a building or one with exterior access would be better. Each has advantages and disadvantages to think about.

Matters of Convenience

An outdoor-access storage unit is more convenient because the renter just pulls up in front with the vehicle. The other type requires parking some distance away from the rented space and walking through the building to get there. Vehicle parking typically can be done inside, though, which makes unloading and loading more convenient during rainy, windy and snowy weather. Storage Facilities in Connecticut with indoor units usually have carts available to simplify this process.

Climate Control

Storage areas with interior doors are more likely to be climate controlled. It’s not cost effective to provide climate control for units that open to the outside, since the door is essentially a garage door. People might leave that door open for an hour or longer as they move possessions in and out.


Men and women who want to access their unit fairly frequently will prefer renting close to home or work, or at least near a location where they drive often. Those who do not expect to go back to the unit until they move everything out may not be as concerned about how far the place is from home. If they can get the right price and amenities from a company like Anthony Augliera Moving & Storage, they won’t care if it’s across town or even in a different city.


Another consideration is the sizes that are available. Some customers only need a mini unit or something like a big locker. Others need a place to store an entire household’s furniture, appliances, boxes of kitchenware and books, and everything else. That can require one of the biggest storage areas available. To find out more about one particular facility, anyone looking for storage may check out You can also visit them on Facebook.

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