Considering A Metal Roof? Hire A Metal Roofing Company In Post Falls, ID

Homeowners who want to stop worrying about their roofs during a hail storm can make the decision to install a metal roof. A metal roofing in Post Falls, ID can make the transition easy for them. There many kinds of styles of metal roofs. While some do look like traditional metal roofs, others look like traditional shingles, tiles or shakes. Many different metals are used. Steel or aluminium are the most commonly used metals for homes. Copper, zinc and titanium are becoming more popular.

Traditional metal roofing materials are made in giant rolls at steel mills. Because they are metal, they would rust without being treated. Galvanized metal roofs are protected on both sides with zinc. The zinc rusts at a faster rate than aluminium or steel, when it is exposed to the air. It then develops a coating that protects the metal roof. After the metal roof sheet has been coated to prevent rusting it is covered with a primer, painted and then covered with a top coat. Not all paint is the same. Higher quality paint fades less than cheaper paint. The contractors at a metal roofing company in Post Falls, ID can help the homeowner pick out the best metal roof and paint for their budget.

People may fear that a home with a metal roof will be a noisy home. Residential metal roofing is designed to quietly disperse the raindrops as they land on the roof. However, there is a bit more noise associated with metal roofs than traditional roofs. If the attic is insulated this should provide sufficient noise protection. However, homeowners who want the least noise should install insulation between the metal and the subroof. Metal roofs are so light, they are often placed directly on top of shingles. This additional layer will also deaden the sound.

In addition to standing up to hail, a metal roof is more fire resistant. It also is harder for trees to fall through it during a storm. For these reasons homeowners will metal roofs often pay less in home insurance premiums.

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