Consult a DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN Before You Enter a Plea

Many people who are charged with driving while intoxicated were under the influence of alcohol when they were stopped by police. For this reason, they feel they have no choice but to enter a guilty plea and accept the consequences. The penalties for a drunk driving conviction are severe and can impact a person’s life for many years. It’s important to know what might happen as a result of a guilty plea or a conviction by a jury.

Whether or not you had a drink before you got into your car, it is up to the state to prove your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when you were arrested. Most likely, the police officer at the scene administered a breath test to check to see if you were intoxicated. In some cases, a DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN can dispute the results of the test if the machine they officer used was not properly maintained. The field sobriety tests may not be admissible at all because the results are subjective. You should contact Brandt Criminal Defense for further information.

By admitting to the charges, you will essentially be saying that everything the police reported about the incident is true. You will waive your right to a trial and won’t get to tell your side of the story. If the judge accepts your guilty plea, you may be sentenced to pay fines, lose your driving privileges or even spend time in jail. In addition to the criminal consequences, you will also have higher car insurance rates and a DWI conviction on your record. The penalties are no less severe than if you take your case to trial and lose.

People in your situation often fare better by hiring a law firm such as Brandt Criminal Defense in Saint Paul MN. A lawyer who is skilled at handling DWI cases is likely to know enough about the process to help you present your case effectively to the judge. Before you submit your plea, Visit the website to find a good DWI Attorney in Saint Paul MN to represent you and help you challenge the police report.

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