Consulting A Workers Compensation Attorney In West Des Moines, IA

A Workers Compensation Attorney in West Des Moines, IA guides injured employees through the claim’s process. This often includes fighting against the insurance company Des Moines, IA in a court of law. In some cases, this is a necessity as these large corporations often seek out loopholes within the system to prevent a pay-out. These corporations often overrule employers within these claims by declaring the employee ineligible for these benefits based on a flawed system.

Visiting the Emergency Room

When an employee is injured on the job, he or she visit the emergency room or assigned healthcare facility based on the worker’s compensation insurance requirements. In most cases, the insurance requires that the employee visit a specific doctor or group of doctors to receive medical attention. The doctor completes a report of his or her findings and submits this form to the insurance provider.

The claim’s adjuster representing the insurance provider reviews the documentation for this claim to establish whether the injuries fall within the eligibility requirements. Once this is established he or she completes a report and submits their evaluation to the employer. If he or she denies worker’s compensation benefits it is urgent that the victim consult an attorney.

Local Worker’s Comp Lawyer

Lawyer, Dougherty & Palmer P.L.C. provides assistance for employees that were injured while performing their job duties. They offer insight into procedures that enable these employees to seek benefits based on their injuries and lost wages. The attorneys within this law firm are familiar with these procedures and make it their primary objective to fight for these benefits. If you were injured on the job and need assistance filing a claim after a denial, contact this law firm for further instruction.

Your preferred Workers Compensation Attorney in West Des Moines, IA works diligently to prepare your claim. He or she evaluates the circumstances of your injuries and determines whether new information or documentation is needed to support your claim adequately. Your attorney will provide you with information related to the necessary steps needed for this claim. He or she will ensure that you understand these steps throughout the entire process. If you were injured and denied workers compensation benefits it is imperative that you contact your attorney immediately.

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