Contact a Product Liability Attorney in Wichita When You Have Paid For a Defective Product

Having the kitchen cabinets resurfaced seems like a less expensive way to give an outdated kitchen an entirely new look. Unfortunately, it does not always work out as promised. Instead, the replacement parts are manufactured, shipped to the customer and installed by a subcontractor selected by the company who has the customer’s money. When the resurfaced cabinets begin to delaminate, no one wants to accept responsibility. This is not a cheap project and can end up costing more than new cabinets would have, without having had the benefit of being able to change the cabinet layout.

There are a number of problems that can occur with resurfaced cabinets. Delamination can happen in only a few months, typically starting at ‘starved’ joints. This occurs when the glue line is not continuous between the wood members, leaving a very weak joint. Improper clamping pressure and glue consistency are the primary causes. While the glue manufacturer may have changed his formula, rushing the assembly time is more likely to result in starved joints. In addition, moisture causes wood to swell; lack of moisture control during panel manufacture also leads to weak joints that easily delaminate. Anyone who purchased defective cabinet resurfacing products should consult an experienced Product Liability Attorney in Wichita.

At the Warner Law Offices, the attorneys combine their 25 years of courtroom and medical experience for the benefit of their Wichita clients. They focus on obtaining the compensation due to those who have been injured because of another’s negligence. Their practice is targeted at representing people injured in accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Mr. Warner and Ms. Pankratz practice before district and appeals courts in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Thomas M. Warner, Jr. is a native Kansas who received his J.D. in 1985. Mr. Warner is a Super Lawyer in both Missouri and Kansas and a Life Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, in part because of his success as a Product Liability Attorney. He is Board Certified in Trial and Pretrial Practice, which puts the opposition on notice that this attorney is experienced, skilled and has a successful track record.

Anne Pankratz focuses her practice on personal injury and medical malpractice cases. In addition to her 25 years of courtroom experience, she is also a Licensed Registered Nurse, giving her a unique insight into her client’s needs and the facts of the case.

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