Continuous Cast Bronze Bar Stock

Bronze is available in a variety of shapes and formats. This ally appears on the shelves as tubing and bars. Manufacturers and fabricators may request bronze bar stock in round, square, rectangular and flat shapes. While extruded bronze is common, some companies prefer bronze bars produced through the continuous cast process.

What Is the Continuous Cast Process?

Continuous or strand casting is a process of producing metal in certain shapes and possessing specific qualities. Introduced in the 1950s, the procedure involves feeding molten metal into a specific casting furnace. Fed through an open-ended, water-cooled graphite mold, the result is a bar. This form slowly cools in the temperature-controlled mold before being withdrawn at a regulated rate using rollers. A saw then cuts the bar into the desired size/lengths.

Continuous casting is more sophisticated than its predecessor was. Continuous casting reduces the risk of shrinkage cavities as well as introducing imperfections through the addition of dirt, grease or porosity. The resulting bronze bar has several advantages.

What Are the Advantages?

Continuous casting offers companies several advantages over extrusion and other methods. The continuous casting process:

  • Produces an even or uniform structure while omitting inclusions
  • Offers improved mechanical properties including the capabilities to handle loads
  • Improves the longevity of the bronze
  • Delivers superior machinability
  • Results in a finer grain structure which lowers cycle time
  • Allows the casting of almost any shape imaginable and any length desired, therefore reducing waste
  • Prevents, in high-lead bronzes, lead segregation

By using continuous cast bronze bars, companies can produce high-quality, durable components while adhering to cost-reduction measures.

Bronze Bar

Companies, who want to reduce scrap loss and cycle time, may want to consider the benefits of the continuous cast process. By opting for metal produced through this method, they can obtain savings in time, labor and cost. By using continuous cast bronze bar, they can serve the best interests of their customers and their stockholders.

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