Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Crestwood, KY Offer Tips on Improving Your Smile

One of the most embarrassing features people find about themselves is a smile that only a mother could love. Having teeth that are crooked or missing is not the most attractive feature in the world. Also, going around with a mouth that is toothless is also not only cosmetically-challenging but unhealthy for your mouth as you tend to lose bone structure. There is hope and things you can do to remedy the situation, subsequently improving your smile, and Crestwood Dental Group, who offers Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Crestwood KY wants to tell you about them.

* As simple as this seems, flossing your teeth daily removes plaque from between the teeth, preventing gingivitis and tooth decay.

* If flossing is not your thing, try an oral irrigator. Research has been conducted that show oral irrigators actually seem to work better than flossing, not to mention the convenience.

* Just as you would have routine maintenance done on your automobile to keep it running properly, do no less for your teeth to keep them healthy and for effective mastication for you.

* Ok, this is not a tag for the Surgeon General, but give up smoking, as smoking can stain the teeth and it also makes it difficult to control or recover from gum disease.

* Avoid dark drinks, coffees, teas and red wines as these also stain your teeth. Drinking from a straw and frequent rinse with water after drinking such dark concoctions can aid in reducing staining.

The Crestwood Dental Group can help to improve your dental situation by offering dental implants, dentures, same day crowns and other dental services throughout Crestwood, Kentucky and the La Grange, Kentucky area. They also do routine checkups and cleaning, Fluoride treatment, comprehensive evaluation, dental sealants, extractions root canals, periodontal therapy among their other services. In their restorative dental services, they do work such as comprehensive prosthetic dentistry and laser tissue contouring. Their cosmetic services include but are not limited to veneers and lumineers, whitening and composite bonding. They will see you the same day for emergency appointments such as cracked crowns or other extremely painful tooth maladies. To get Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Crestwood, KY.

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