Critical Services to Expect from Your Family Lawyer in Columbus, IN

Making a significant change to the structure and stability of your family can cause upheaval in the routine of your children and everyone in the household. Things that were once predictable and demed safe no longer exist. They are replaced with circumstances that can make adjusting to the new life challenging even under the best of circumstances.

When you want to make any transition in your household routine and makeup as smooth as possible, you need to hire an experienced family lawyer in Columbus, IN,

to represent you. Your attorney can provide critical services that make getting a divorce, shifting child custody, filing for support and other matters faster and easier.

Filing for Divorce

Your lawyer can file your divorce petition in court on your behalf. You avoid having to go to court to file the paperwork on your own. You only need to show up to the court dates with your lawyer by your side.

Filing for Custody and Support

Your attorney can also file for child custody and support if you want to be the custodial parent of your children. He or she can show why you are the best parent with which the children should live.

You can find out more about the reasons for hiring an experienced family lawyer in Columbus, IN, online. To make an initial consultation or to get details like retainer fees, contact Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP.

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