Deciding Whether to Obtain a 24 Hour Bail Bond Service Hays County for a Loved One

A phone call asking for help with bail after an arrest can stir up various questions and conflicting emotions in the person who answered. How can they come up with this much money quickly? Are there any reasons to not pay bail for a loved one? A service for 24 hour bail bond Service Hays County can help if the cash amount is impossible to pay.

An Alternative to Cash Bail

A 24 hour bail bond service Hays County is posted as an alternative to cash bail. If the defendant runs away, the entire cash amount automatically becomes due. Technically, the bonding service is responsible for the payment, but agency owners turn that responsibility over to the customer who paid for the service.

Making the Decision

As to whether to do this favor for a loved one, that’s a question only this particular individual can answer. Sound advice may be provided by friends and family if the person feels really conflicted. If there seems to be a significant possibility that the defendant would flee, then paying for the bond is inadvisable. Sometimes romantic partners pay for a bond even if they barely know their new boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s a big risk.

Another consideration is whether this loved one is habitually in trouble of one sort or another, even if it’s relatively minor. Other relatives and friends may have quit bailing this person out of jail out of frustration. That should be a definitive red flag.

Contacting a Bonds Agency

If, after careful deliberation, the person decides to grant the favor, an agency like San Marcos Bail Bonds can be contacted. Representatives are available at all hours of the day, even on weekends and holidays. Visit website domain at the phone number on the website. The agent will need to know the defendant’s name and which jail he or she has been brought to.

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